Our full tree trims consist of removal of dead branches, cross branching, interior cleaning, and raising of the canopy upon customer request. We also specialize in structural pruning to give your home, trees, and other structures space to avoid damages. Our awesome clean-ups are included in these services. Trimming your trees can keep them healthy for years to come.


Using some of the best equipment available combined with our extremely talented arborists, we can remove and trim almost any tree large or small! We can either remove your trees with our seventy five foot bucket truck, or by climbing those hard to reach trees. We chip all the brush, remove all the wood, and grind the stumps. We are known for the best clean-ups in town!


Our stump grinding services are top notch. We remove stumps large and small. We use self-propelled, lightweight stump grinders. This helps in limiting lawn damages and getting to those  hard to reach areas. And YES, we offer stump grinding clean-up!


Sometimes, even the healthiest trees can not stand up to Mother Nature. We have sales representatives available to give you a quote right away. Call the professionals and save yourself further damage and the risk of dealing with dangerous situations. Emergency storm work rates are based on time and materials needed to safely complete the job.
Storm emergency hot line 414-698-1054


Our bush removal systems are the best. We can remove the old bushes, grind the stumps out, and leave the areas prepped for new plantings. This is all done with little to no lawn damage. As always, we perform excellent clean-ups. The talented crews are great at shaping and re-gaining structure to you old or overgrown shrubs. You will be amazed at how clean and sharp your home will look when bushes and trees.


Here at Voss’ Treemendous Tree Service, tree removal is always the last option. We are now fully equiped to handle all of your Shrub and Tree Healthcare needs. Please feel free to have a Voss’ Treemendous Tree Healthcare professional stop out and give a free consultation today! Call us or click here to request a free consultation.